Oldje - Brittney Babe - The Teen and the Old Cook (March 25, 2015) 1080p

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Oldje - Brittney Babe - The Teen and the Old Cook (March 25, 2015) 1080p
Brittney Babe recently turned 18yo and is helping the Oldje man in the kitchen by peeling potatoes. It will be her first experience with this mature man and she is slightly nervous about how he feels about her. They start talking and this helps put Brittney at ease, so-much-so that it peaks her interest in the less mundane tasks at hand and in the cook himself. He may already be much older than her, but her feelings are as hot as the boiling broth, and they start kissing and rubbing each other. It is not long before Brittney serves her new Oldje with a bit of massage between those teen lips, taking his cock into her mouth and licking and rubbing to excite life into the Oldje. The new young girl is giving the Oldje the blowjob of his life, and with so much excitement it is not long before things escalate further.With such high passion, the tattooed cook pushes the young girl onto his table, ignoring the food, only hungry for young pussy. He fucks her missionary style and she groans and moans with pleasure. Their mutual lust is almost reaching a climax. With overflowing lust, she sits on top of the Oldje and rides him hard, pushing him closer to orgasm with each thrust. Taking him back into her eager, young inexperienced mouth, she sucks once more with enthusiasm, knowing the final groans will unleash a torrent of cum into her open and waiting mouth, so she can finally taste her old lover. They smile at each other with certain satisfaction, now the main course is over, who wants dessert?

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