OldGoesYoung - Nakita Star (March 30, 2016) 2160p

Genre: Hardcore, Teens  | 21-06-2016, 17:44 | Views: 452

OldGoesYoung - Nakita Star (March 30, 2016) 2160p
Nakita Star gets her first taste of older cock and she fucking loves it!
So this old fart handyman came to Nakita Star's apartment to help her fix a few things, but the only thing he ended up fixing was her tight juicy pussy's need for throbbing hard cock. In this case, old throbbing hard cock, as it belonged to a man old enough to be her fucking grandfather. Yup, that's right, she fucked a nasty fucker. But Nakita didn't even blink; she dropped to her knees and shoved his wrinkled old cock down her throat without a problem, sucking it hard and licking his nasty old balls. Surprisingly enough it did not take long at all for this old-timer to get his dick hard and he soon had her bent over and was pounding her hard from the back in doggystyle position. Nakita Star was so freaking horny that she even let this old man bust a nut all over her cute face and perky tits!

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