AbbyWinters - Katharina - Intimate Moments - Dlido Play (July 12, 2016) 1080p

Genre: Hairy, Solo, Masturbation  | 17-07-2016, 21:40 | Views: 360

AbbyWinters - Katharina - Intimate Moments - Dlido Play (July 12, 2016) 1080p
Katharina's glass toy slides slowly in, her gasp of satisfaction mingling with the sticky sound from her moist vagina which pulls the full length of her dildo inside. Continuing to penetrate herself, Katharina's breathing quickens, catching in her throat as with a reddening face she orgasms on the bed! Katharina's eyes stare back, satisfaction flickering behind her gaze as her hands explore all of the exposed skin on her body. Lying on the bed in her sleep wear, Katharina's hands slip between her legs, her panties gathering into a camel toe as she strokes across the crotch of her undies, the panties clinging to her moistening lips. Taking off her top, Katharina's hand cups a soft squish breast, the tactile flesh a perfect fit in the palm of her hand. Lying on her tummy, one knee pulled up to her chest, Katharina's wrists rubs on her crotch, the muscles in her thighs and buttocks twitching as she teases herself. Panties off she lays down, her bottom waving invitingly in the air as she masturbates herself to satisfaction!

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Tags: Solo, Masturbation, Orgasm, Hairy Pussy, Dildo, Brunette

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