BackroomCastingCouch - Brooklyn (January 02, 2017) 720p

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BackroomCastingCouch - Brooklyn (January 02, 2017) 720p
Brooklyn seems like a walkout to happen - read her micro expressions and you see the blonde is very skeptical about the whole thing and a bit disgusted, mostly with herself. She's at once reserved, suspicious, stand-off-ish, but also intrigued. As an admin assistant who hates her boss she must be asking herself: What if the money thing is true? Lucky for us, Brooklyn decides to find out. As she strips her clothes off we can see from her mismatched underwear that she didn't expect her casting to be anything more than talk. And it seems like at that moment she realizes that her fantasies of being wined and dined as some rich guy's trophy wife simply won't come true. But maybe there's a shot at easy money with this porn thing. By the time Brooklyn is naked and stuck a glass toy in her ass, she's resigned herself to the fact that today she'll lose her dignity, hoping for those life changing modeling jobs that'll finally let her tell her asshole boss to shove it. Jake, already oozing with pre-cum even before the blowjob, couldn't be happier. There is something hot about Brooklyn's hot/cold attitude. Her self-loathing at what she's doing now on camera overpowers her occasional enjoyment as she gets fucked. What a girl has to do to make some real money, huh? Unfortunately for Brooklyn, there is no modeling job. There is, however, some very excellent ass fucking, and an ambush creampie. Jake fucks Brooklyn's bottom with delight, then pulls out and immediately shoves his permanently attached butt-prober right in the blonde's pussy, just in time to shoot his load inside her. The resulting creampie is simply glorious. While there is no modeling job for Brooklyn, once her boss sees this video she'll probably have some great job security at her current place So that's a plus, right? Now a word on some of the comments lately. Just because Jake doesn't tell a girl "I want you to taste yourself" in between fucking her ass or pussy, doesn't mean he needs her to suck him to get him hard. I'm surprised how some of you don't seem to actually WATCH the video. Or maybe you're watching on a tiny phone screen and can't see it anything. Because clearly the dude is rock hard. He just likes to get head in between fucking the other holes. Brooklyn's video has the same thing going on: he fucks her on the desk, pulls out, then makes her suck his dick for a moment. Notice how he's totally HARD the entire time. So any more inflammatory comments like this we'll have to assume are just meant to be hateful for no reason. And hateful shit goes bye bye. There's are easy ways to contact me or tech support with any issues you might have. Cool?

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