EverythingButt - Stella Cox, Francesca Le (September 23, 2016) 720p

Genre: Anal, Fisting, Lesbians  | 24-09-2016, 00:14 | Views: 349

EverythingButt - Stella Cox, Francesca Le (September 23, 2016) 720p
From Knife Sales to Phone Sex Stella Cox knows how to please customers

Stella Cox is the #1 sales person at the telecom knife sales company. Francesca Le wants to position herself perfectly so she can figure out how the new girls is making all the sales. Francesca eves-drops on Stella's call and what Francesca hears doesn't surprise her. Stella tells her customers how she loves butts and putting things in butts. She sometimes puts a lollipop in her bum and then gives it to someone. Francesca is appalled by what she hears and put Stella over her desk and gives her a nice hard spanking with hair pulling. Stella's ass is punched with a big metal toy that makes her gape until she's open wide enough for Francesca to get her fist into. But the punishment isn't done after the anal fisting. Francesca spreads Stella's ass open with the speculum and looks deep into her pink bubblegum colored ass hole. Then Francesca fucks Stella in good in hard with an anal strap on and makes her clean up her act with an enema

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