FistingInAction / SinDrive - Tiffany Doll, Nikki Thorne (January 23, 2015) 1080p

Genre: Anal, Fisting, Lesbians  | 07-08-2016, 23:59 | Views: 435

FistingInAction / SinDrive - Tiffany Doll, Nikki Thorne (January 23, 2015) 1080p
"My Ass Burns Like Tinder" - A True All-Asshole-Fisting Saga Featuring Tiffany Doll & Nikki Thorne On Fire

Tiffany Doll has an important casting call with top-notch director Nikky Thorne today, but she had no idea what she was in store for! It's clear from the get-go that Nikky is full of herself, with her super shiny skirt and blouse and "I'm more important that you" hairdo, but when it comes down to it this director has only one criteria before giving out roles - how well can you give and take some ass fisting!? Nikky quickly gets started, with no time to waste, spreading Tiffany wide and fist-fucking her pussy and asshole until she's beautifully gaped wide! Once she's satisfied with Tiffany's incredible talent she wants some hole stretching of her own, spreading those lips and cheeks wide and inviting Tiffany's fist inside...those asses are gonna burn like tinder but the time they're through!

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Tags: High Class, Fisting, Lesbian, Anal, Ass Play, Shiny Clothing, Gaping, Exclusive Clothing

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